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Leica S Protection Plan for Camera Body

Leica S Protection Plan for Camera Body

Contact Josh or David at 1-800-327-1776 for more information.

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Product Detail
With the Leica S Protection Plan you can extend the warranty for your S product to 36 months from the date of purchase, and secure valuable protection against unforeseen risks. If your camera is in for service, you can rely on a loaner unit - a necessity in the photographer's busy daily routine. During the warranty period, you are entitled to one free inspection. If your camera or CS lens needs a shutter replacement for technical reasons, Leica will replace the shutter. You can purchase a separately Leica S Protection Plan for your camera and for each of your S lenses. However, you must opt for the Leica S Protection Plan before the end of the one-year product warranty. In other words, you can make your decision to purchase any time during the warranty period. The Leica S Protection Plan is included with the Leica S. The Leica S protection Plan can be purchase for additional coverage for all S-System lens and S2 cameras. The Leica S Protection Plan replaces the previous Platinum and Premium warranty packages.

Benefits of the S Protection Plan

-Warranty from one year to three years, extended from the date of purchase or 100,000 exposures
-Within 24 hours, a loaner unit will be available in most regions of the world
-Extended service options, shutter replacement if technically necessary

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Leica S Protection Plan for Camera Body
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