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Buy a Leica M-E now.
Trade it in for the new M later.
Don't worry. We'll guarantee your trade-in value.

Why wait? Start shooting with the Leica M-System today. If you buy a Leica M-E from Dale Photo & Digital before January 31st, 2013, we'll guarantee you a trade-in value of $4,700 towards your future purchase of a Leica M.

We've taken the risk out of getting in to the M-System, even with the new model already announced. Because, regardless of the market value for used M-E cameras next year when you take delivery of your new M, you can rest assured that the cost to switch out will be minimal.

With no firm initial shipping date from Leica and already long pre-order lists at every dealer, you don't have to wait without a Leica.

Here's how the program works:

  1. Purchase a new Leica M-E from Dale Photo & Digital. If this is your first M camera, now might also be a good time to stock up on lenses. Once the new M starts shipping, the supply of M lenses will most certainly dry up, as it did following the launch of the M9 three years ago. Currently, we have most lenses in stock now.

  2. Add your name to our pre-order list for the new Leica M. If you are already on the list, we will note that you will be trading in the M-E. If you are just getting on the list, you will be placed on it in date order. Please note that all pre-orders for the Leica M are fulfilled in date order, and that participation in the M-E trade in program does not guarantee you faster delivery of your M.

  3. Shoot happily with your new M-E. If you need any help getting up to speed, our Leica experts are here to help.

  4. When your name comes up on our M list, we will contact you by phone and email to let you know that your new camera is available. At that time, you can pack up the M-E to send back to us. In order to receive the full trade-in value, the camera must be returned to us in excellent condition with only usual wear and tear, and include all original packaging and accessories. If the M-E is received with signs of misuse, large scratches, dents, gouges, etc. we will have to adjust the value accordingly.

  5. Shoot happily with your new M.

Give us a call at 954-925-1776 or email us at sales@dalephotoanddigital.com for any questions and to order. Orders can also be placed online. When you order the M-E just note in the special instructions that you wish to participate in the upgrade program.

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